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Custom work to fit your tastes & budget with a short delivery time

Customize your standard pool mosaics to design your dream Swimming Pool & Spa
or let us create an original work of art that is uniquely yours.

Custom Mosaics by Agape Tile LLC

Project by Ryan Hughes Design. Filigree Pool Bottom Art created by Agape Tile LLC.

Agape Tile LLC specializes in custom artwork for your swimming pool and outdoor environs, including your homes interior and exterior mosaics. We have a long track record of successful projects. and happy clients. Please peruse our expertise page. We are a family-owned company and are dedicated to each and every customer. For projects from one square foot to an entire pool, this dedication does not waver.

We focus on the needs of our clients in every detail. After the initial consultation our design team and artists will translate your vision into drawings or renderings. We are a ‘hands on’ company and excel in fine artwork. Our projects ‘speak for themselves’, as do our customer testimonials.

We are skilled designers and work with a number of different techniques. These are shown on this page so that you are knowledgeable about your project options. Our craftsmanship is superb.

All of our artwork is hand-crafted with the exception of waterjet. Our artisans use the finest materials to create your masterpiece. We have a fast delivery time, even on the largest of projects. Our design services are available nationally and internationally.


Your Pool Project - An Artistic Touch

Have you been thinking seriously about adding an artistic touch to your new swimming pool, spa or backyard environment for yourself or your client? If so, you owe it to yourself to call Agape Tile.

We have been actively helping homeowners, architects, builders and design professionals across the United States and the Caribbean for over 35 years. We have been nationally recognized for our prowess in pool artwork design on HGTV Master Series & Cool Pools.

Agape Tile has the knowledge and experience to help you understand what makes a pool ‘your’ pool. We design artistic swimming pools and aquatic environments with your agenda in mind, not ours. We are dedicated to working with our clients to deliver the best solution for their individual needs. Our experience allows us to guide you through your options, thereby ensuring that we arrive at the best possible design to serve your needs for years to come. Our personal approach allows us to see things through your’ eyes.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to you and your project is that we will dedicate all our resources, skills and professional ethics to focusing completely on your project and your overall success in your aquatic project endeavors.

“Be satisfied with nothing less than having your expectations completely fulfilled.”



Design Professionals Choice

Has your firm received a commission that includes a custom pool? Are you considering a project with aquatic elements? Agape Tile is the right choice for your consultation needs. Our quality original artwork experience, knowledge, and attention to detail will ensure a successful project for you and give you a happy and satisfied client.

Agape Tile strongly believes that the best projects are the result of good teamwork and that the best teams are built upon strong relationships. We have built strong relationships over our 35 + years in business with some of the finest firms in the industry. Over these years their clients have also become our friends. Each year we handle a new and unique project commissioned to us by a top firm or a client who has hired one of these firms and has chosen Agape Tile to create their artistic environment. Agape Tile has handled over 2,000 projects of all types: interior murals for kitchens, baths and flooring in private residences, entire building facades and magnificent pools and spas.

We are experienced and fully capable of bringing your client’s dreams to fruition. We take pride in treating each and every project as if it was our only project and in our own home.

Your backyard Oasis

Swimming pools have undergone a considerable change over the last two decades. In years past almost all new pools were rectangular, or kidney shaped. They endeavored to accommodate all users in the same water space. Over the past decades the movement has been to separate the bodies of water. Today’s pool concept has now progressed to the stage where the pool environs are a backyard oasis and an escape from everyday life. Today’s pools feature dramatic lighting effects, adjoining lap pools, vanishing edges, therapy pools and spas, flowing water, waterfalls, glow tile, tanning shelves, underwater lounging benches, ledges to relax on, swim-up bars, zero-depth entries along with poolside kitchens and entertainment areas. Whatever your desire, we can create a custom artistic design to adorn and compliment all or just some of these features.

The Blank Canvas! Time to get inspired!

Every project needs creative and innovative solutions. We approach every new project with a blank artist’s palette. We carry no preconceived notions on design before fully understanding our client’s objectives for their project. Every project is unique, and our design efforts are customized for each project and each client’s objectives, dreams and vision. We have always been known for innovative thinking. From the inception of this company, our creative streak has been fully evident. It is our goal to present the most beautiful art using multiple techniques and materials. We thrive on creating unique art and inspiring projects. A finished project that inspires its owner is our final goal.

The Process

Stage 1: Project Submission Request

Initial contact with our company regarding your project is usually conducted via email. This gives you the opportunity to provide all pertinent information needed for the first meeting. These items would include desired materials, if known, any images or schematics you may be able to provide, as well as any available blueprints, contact and jobsite information. We also need to know the timeframe of your project.

Stage 2: Meeting, to include cost projections, budgetary requirements, design and timeline.

In the initial meeting, all persons concerned will review your concept together and discuss options and possibilities. If you have no artistic concept or theme in mind, we will create a theme or themes and present them to you for your inspiration and approval. During this initial meeting we will all hopefully determine the artistic design being added to your existing or future pool and environs. It is always best to contact us upon finalization of your architectural blueprints through your pool builder. However, should you not have a builder in mind, we highly recommend those that have worked with our company before and have an exemplary and proven track record.

We welcome you to call and discuss your ideas and the potential enhancements to your property or client’s property. Whether it be a custom waterline, a pool bottom design, a spa interior or a project for your poolside entertainment area, we are here to serve you. This would entail your concept sharing. Drawings are submitted for ideas and final approval via our online file site where you can view high resolution images at your leisure.

Stage 3: Acceptance of the project

Invoices are created and signed. There are two invoices, one for artwork and one for the creation of the mosaics. Artwork invoices are due when received. For long term projects, there is a down payment of 60% with the balance due upon completion. Incremental payments may be negotiated. Projects of 30 days or less are payment in full.

Stage 4: Planning & Conceptual Layout

All blueprints will be reviewed and the design areas or total coverage areas will be planned. Our layout and plans fit your pool builder’s blueprints, making it easy for the mosaic installer. Once more, each section is created in the order in which it should be installed. Planning is the key. For large scale projects please submit your CAD drawing.

If you have a favorite standard mosaic art piece from this site, you can ask us to customize it for you by changing the colors, size, material or shape. Other art chosen for your project may be an original by Agape Tile, a copyright-free artwork, or an inspiration you have from any source, such as a magazine. We can also make your favorite photo or painting into a mosaic.

From classical to modern, you may also search https://www.artrenewal.org/Museum/Search for your inspiration.
6 concept drawing pool & spa nature wall, Agape Tile LLC

Stage 5: Artwork Creation

After the planning stage, we begin the process of fully creating your custom artwork. For large projects, the design layout is created in sections. Each section is created by hand in black and white. The black and white rendering is sent for your approval. The color artwork then commences on that section. In this way, we progress through all of the sections until the artwork for the entire project is complete. As each section is approved, the art is sent to the studio for mosaic creation.

Custom artwork created by Agape Tile LLC based upon the customer's concept: Ocean Reef.


For small projects, If you would like to visualize how your project will look, send us a variety of high resolution photographs of the area where your mosaic is to be installed. We will send you a rendering completely free of charge.


Computer mockups are typically $150 to $250.
Computer mockups for large or complex installations are typically $300 and up.

Custom Artwork

Custom artwork is billed at $75 per hour.
We are a ‘hands on’ artistic company. We create our works of art by hand and rarely on the computer.
19 color drawing overflow pool floor, Agape Tile LLC
Reproductions may be created from original artwork that is not copyrighted or you may pay the artist a commission to reproduce their art.
Art by James Harris

You may choose another color scheme for one of our standard murals.

Stage 6: Mosaic Creation

For large projects, mosaics progress in stages by section. Photographs of each section are sent to you for approval. Your approval is given, and we proceed to the next section.

Upon approval of the design, technique, colors, renderings and/or mockups, and cost, we will start production. Our mosaic creations are meticulously hand-made by skilled artisans. All mosaics, whether cut or uncut, are hand-placed. Depending upon the technique, an artisan that we choose is a master at that particular mosaic craft. A small mosaic may take only a week to finish. Large murals typically take two to four weeks to create. We will give you an estimated time frame before your project commences.

Please allow time for shipping. Many of our artisans are out of country. For all tile pools call us as soon as possible.
We stay in contact with you and submit updated photographs of your project’s progress for your perusal. Should you need us to make a change to reflect the custom art, this is done in an expedient time frame. We will need your written approval before your mosaic ships.
All mosaics are graphed for ease in installation. Most mosaics are made upside down, which means that photographs sent will show the reverse side of your mosaic.

Stage 7: The Interim

For those projects where the owner is not directly involved, we work alongside the project Superintendent throughout all stages. We stay in close communication with the Superintendent in order to make sure that the entire plan goes smoothly. The project is professionally planned and designed to satisfy the client’s needs and objectives.

Stage 8: Installation

Many times, we are approached by a client who desires the design and construction of a project from a combined design/build team. In these cases, we have several expert mosaic installers that we recommend providing the client with a single source solution. We are extremely selective with these installers. Because of our extensive experience in this business, we only team with ‘top notch’ people when such a need arises.


The purpose of this section is to review the techniques that we utilize so that you can make an educated decision on the correct technique choice for your installation or mural.

20mm - 3/4" Uncut Mosaics

20mm uncut mosaics are the least expensive method of creating glass mosaic artwork. Mosaics are created using venetian glass. As the mosaic tesserae size is large, the image also needs to be large, or image resolution will be lost. 20mm murals may also be ordered using genuine seashell, stone or gemstone. These mosaics may be either mesh backed, or paper face taped.

10mm - 3/8 inch Uncut Mosaics

10mm uncut mosaics are the next level in artwork creation. A higher image resolution is achieved with this size of mosaic chip. We will recommend a mosaic size governed by the intricacy of the artwork and the area where it is to be installed. These mosaics may be either mesh backed, or paper face taped.

20mm - 3/4" Uncut Mosaics

This technique involves using 10mm or 20mm field tile with minimal edge cutting. Materials that may be used are venetian glass, porcelain, stone, genuine seashell and semi precious gemstone. These mosaics may be either mesh backed or paper face taped.

Mixed Handcut Byzantine & Field Mosaics

Mixed technique glass mosaics have a field tile background that is typically 20mm uncut mosaic. The artwork elements utilize all handcut tesserae with a chip size ranging from 5mm to 15mm. This technique gives you a beautiful result without cutting all of the mosaics.

Byzantine Handcut Venetian Mosaics

Byzantine Handcut Venetian Mosaics are meticulously hand cut and hand placed. Artwork resolution is very high. This technique is used when a realistic artwork is desired.

Byzantine Handcut Smalto Mosaics

These mosaics employ hand poured and hand cut glass mosaic. The glass is poured into a biscuit and then cut apart using saws and hand nippers. Each mosaic is hand cut to fit the design. Smalto glass is highly prized and more expensive than venetian.

31 carico international orchid swimming pool micromosaic, Agape Tile LLC

Byzantine Handcut Glass Micro Mosaic

Hand cut venetian glass micro mosaic artwork is the finest workmanship that can be achieved using glass mosaic. It is typically used for only small elements within a large design. The master artisan that creates these mosaic masterpieces uses a magnifying glass.

Printed - Kiln Fired Photo Tile

Kiln fired photo imaged tile is fired to 1650 degrees Fahrenheit. Standard glazed tile size is 6x6 inches. A high-resolution image is used that is 300 dpi at actual size. You may purchase an image from the online art library at artrenewal.org

34 CityBites Logo waterjet ceramic, Agape Tile LLC


Waterjet cutting is a preferred cutting process since it can create very smooth edges without any damage. Material used is ceramic porcelain or stone. This technique is used for lettering, logos and intricate work. Waterjet is created using vector artwork.


Our master craftsmen can create any design that you desire in semi precious gemstone. Each piece is sliced from a solid block and hand shaped to create the design. This is a highly skilled trade. Background material is typically marble.

35 sealife seatop table gemstone inlay, Agape Tile LLC


Inlay consists of inserting pieces of stone or semi-precious gemstone into depressions that are hand carved into a base of marble or gemstone to form ornament or pictures. The inserted material is flush with the base and the entire unit is highly polished.


Intarsia uses varied shapes, sizes, and types of solid stone or gemstone fitted together to create a mosaic-like mural. Each piece is handcut, shaped and finished. The completed individual pieces fit together like a jig-saw puzzle. The finish is a high polish.

Talk to one of our design team experts by calling 910-802-4019 or send us a request for quote. We will respond promptly.


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