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    4mm – 1/8″
         Add $12 per square foot
    8mm – 5/16″
        Add $14 per square foot
    16mm – 5/8″
         Add $17 per square foot

Aluminum Honeycomb
   21mm – .82”
        Add $25 square foot
    25mm – .98”
        Add $30 square foot
    Custom Thickness
        Call for quote
    Waterjet for Circular Tops or Shapes

        Call for quote.


Porcelain Tile: No charge

Fiberglass: Call for Quote

Mesh Backed Sheets: Add 15%

Polycarbonate Acrylic
    8mm – 5/16″,
        Add $10 per square foot


Carved Gemstone: Call for quote.


Inlay Work: Call for quote.


Sink Cutout: $250

    Cutout, Freeform Shape: Call for quote


Profile Edges: $35 and up per lineal foot
    Bullnose, Demi Bullnose, Based, Bevel: Call for quote.


Color Choices, if available: Example – similar tone or no red, etc. Add 30%.


Shell Plumage: Add $30 per square foot.


Ammonites may be added to countertops & tabletops: Pricing is based on your choice of size


Custom: Sizes, Shapes, Thickness, Edge Profiles, Material Combinations, Patterns


Ceramic Backed tiles: 3/8” – 10mm. Sizes available up to 24 x 24 inches


Mesh Backed Tiles: 1/8” inch mesh + Gemstone 4 to 5 mm overlay or Shell 3 to 4mm overlay
     Transparent materials are not available on mesh


Mesh Backed Seamless Sheets: 1/8” inch mesh + Gemstone 4 to 5 mm overlay or Shell 3 to 4mm overlay

     Square or Irregular Running Brick pattern is standard. Random, add 20%.

     Entire coverage is attained by butt jointing the sheet edges = No grout joints


Epoxy Resin Geode or Slice Solid Tiles: 10mm – 12×12” max size. 20mm – 24×24” max size, or Custom


Epoxy Resin Geode or Slice Solid Slabs: 20mm standard thickness. Custom thicknesses: Call for quote


Overlay, Standard: Gemstone 4 to 5 mm overlay or Shell 3 to 4mm


Overlay of 10mm, .39 inch: Call for quote.


Ceramic: 4 lbs. per square foot.


Geode Solid: 10mm – 3.5 lbs. per square foot. 20mm – 7 pounds per square foot


Overlay: .5 pounds per square foot (add weight of backing chosen)


Honeycomb Aluminum: 1.2 lbs. per square foot


Wood Backing: 3.5 lbs. per square foot


Trade discount available.


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