Precious gifts from the Ocean
The Luxury of Genuine Seashell

Standard & Custom Seashell manufactured to your specifications.

Interior Saunas, Shower Walls, Countertops, Tiles, Tabletops, Countertops & Murals
Our materials are priced by the square foot with Air door to door delivery.
Agape Tile LLC is known for creating highly custom projects with superb workmanship.

We come to search for shells along the shore, and discover a myriad of shapes and colors. A fisherman draws in his net and finds treasures for his children. A family in a distant land gathers mollusks for their daily meal. Harvesters gather their shells, destined for a chef in Manhattan and also for an artistic wonder…seashell decor. What once adorned the sands of the sea can now incite you, your clients and guests with beauty and wonder. Clad your sauna or shower with seashell that sparkles and radiates a warm glow.

Iridescent shells change color as you cross the room and cause a sparkle similar to the rainbow effect of opal.

Our shells are available in virtually all species and in a wide variety of patterns, giving you virtually unlimited choices. Shells are durable and water proof. Clad your walls for a lifetime! In addition to our standard mosaics, Agape Tile offers the rarest shell choices in a large variety of fully customizable formats: mosaics, seamless seashell mesh sheeting with no grout joints, tiles and borders, slabs, medallions, tabletops and countertops, sinks, baseboards, inserts or wall decor. Seashell projects may be customized for shape, thickness, mosaic size and pattern, backings, edge profiles and material combinations. Whatever you can envision, we can produce in fine seashell.

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