All Materials is priced by the square foot.

Staggered Irregular Square


    4mm – 1/8″
         Add $12 per square foot
    8mm – 5/16″
        Add $14 per square foot
    16mm – 5/8″
         Add $17 per square foot


Aluminum Honeycomb
   21mm – .82”
        Add $25 square foot
    25mm – .98”
        Add $30 square foot
    Custom Thickness
        Call for quote
    Waterjet for Circular Tops or Shapes

        Call for quote.


Porcelain Tile: No charge


Fiberglass: Call for Quote


Mesh Backed Sheets: Add 15%


Polycarbonate Acrylic
    8mm – 5/16″,
        Add $10 per square foot


Carved Gemstone: Call for quote.


Inlay Work: Call for quote.


Sink Cutout: $250

    Cutout, Freeform Shape: Call for quote


Profile Edges: $35 and up per lineal foot
    Bullnose, Demi Bullnose, Based, Bevel: Call for quote.


Color Choices, if available: Example – similar tone or no red, etc. Add 30%.


Shell Plumage: Add $30 per square foot.


Ammonites may be added to countertops & tabletops: Pricing is based on your choice of size


Custom: Sizes, Shapes, Thickness, Edge Profiles, Material Combinations, Patterns


Ceramic Backed tiles: 3/8” – 10mm. Sizes available up to 24 x 24 inches


Mesh Backed Tiles: 1/8” inch mesh + Gemstone 4 to 5 mm overlay or Shell 3 to 4mm overlay
     Transparent materials are not available on mesh


Mesh Backed Seamless Sheets: 1/8” inch mesh + Gemstone 4 to 5 mm overlay or Shell 3 to 4mm overlay

     Square or Irregular Running Brick pattern is standard. Random, add 20%.

     Entire coverage is attained by butt jointing the sheet edges = No grout joints


Epoxy Resin Geode or Slice Solid Tiles: 10mm – 12×12” max size. 20mm – 24×24” max size, or Custom


Epoxy Resin Geode or Slice Solid Slabs: 20mm standard thickness. Custom thicknesses: Call for quote


Overlay, Standard: Gemstone 4 to 5 mm overlay or Shell 3 to 4mm


Overlay of 10mm, .39 inch: Call for quote.


Ceramic: 4 lbs. per square foot.


Geode Solid: 10mm – 3.5 lbs. per square foot. 20mm – 7 pounds per square foot


Overlay: .5 pounds per square foot (add weight of backing chosen)


Honeycomb Aluminum: 1.2 lbs. per square foot


Wood Backing: 3.5 lbs. per square foot

Semi Precious Gemstones
The Ultimate in Luxury Pools, Spas, and Pool Environs

We offer the most competitive pricing on the market

Finished custom semi precious gemstone manufactured to your specifications

Mosaic Waterlines * Entertainment Area Countertops * Tiles * Tabletops * Murals

Our materials are priced by the square foot with Air door to door delivery.
Agape Tile LLC is known for creating highly custom projects with superb workmanship

At Agape Tile you may select from 30 + semi precious gemstones. We offer only the best quality material chosen from the best mines in the world. We work with only one vendor, the best in the world. He is responsible for the gemstone projects for the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Over the years he has become our trusted friend and colleague. Quality is inherent in the semi-precious stones that we offer. Our stones are imported from the best mines in the world.

Mosaic polished mesh-backed semi precious gemstones may be used for your swimming pool and spa waterline, fountains and for exterior and interior walls and floors. Entertainment area counters and tabletops are seamless and may be customized to fit your installation. We also offer complementing murals to further enhance your luxury experience. Make a statement by wrapping your pool-side table with semi-precious material. Techniques used are overlay, inlay, epoxy forming, uncut and hand cut mosaic and carving and shaping of solid gemstone material. Gemstone materials are durable and made to last a lifetime. Gemstone is virtually maintenance free, with the exception of periodic sealing.

For your home interior we also offer semi precious overlay and epoxy tiles, slabs, sinks, lamps, mirrors, pedestals, murals, tabletops and vanity tops. Size, shape, patterns and edge profiles may all be customized for all of our semi precious gemstone creations.

Talk to one of our design team experts by calling 910-802-4019 or send us a request for quote. We will respond promptly.

Agape Sharjah Gemstone Collection

Semi Precious Gemstone Overlay

Gemstones shown in this section may be used for mosaic waterlines, with the exception of malachite. Waterlines are comprised of solid gemstone mosaics on mesh. Peruse our materials to choose your overlay material for poolside countertops and tabletops.

Semi Precious Gemstone Geode in Epoxy

Gemstone geodes or slices embedded in epoxy is another choice. Many of these stones may be backlit for added beauty. Gemstones in epoxy are not suitable for swimming pool waterlines. This technique is typically used for tabletops, countertops & vertical panels.

Countertops, Tabletops, Bars & Slabs

Countertops and tabletops are created per your specifications. Shape, thickness, pattern, and edge profile may be customized.

Tiles & Borders

Tiles and borders may be used for flooring and wall inserts, running bands and accents. Ammonites may be added for an additional flair to your installation.


Techniques used for semi precious gemstone murals are intarsia, inlay and carving. Any subject may be chosen that is without copyright.

Decorative Panels

Semi-precious gemstone panels are used for floor inlay, wall or ceiling inserts or vertical installations.

Sinks, Pedestals, Lamps & Mirrors

All gemstones may be used for custom sinks, pedestals, lamps or mirrors. Sinks are material overlay on ceramic or marble. Choose your ceramic bowl or have us carve one out of marble.

View Installations

From The Haus Nightclub's 36 foot bar in New York City to Nona Barrett's malachite clad concert room in Preston Hollow, Dallas, Texas, you will enjoy our finished installations.


Trade discount available.


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