Agape Tesoro del Mar Seashell Collection

Shell Mosaic Tile

Shell mosaics are purchased by the sheet. All mosaics are polished, and mesh backed for ease in installation. Mosaic sizes range from 10mm - 3/8" to 25mm - 1" with a wide range of colors.

Seamless Seashell Tile & Sheeting

Seamless seashell gives you the ability to clad any surface. Sold by the square foot, most patterns can wrap a curved surface. Seamless shell has no grout joint which gives you a smooth surface.

Patterned Seamless Seashell Tile

Patterns offered are florals, geometrics, animal prints, material combinations, whole shells, check, diagonal, honeycomb, zig zag, star, dot, multi format, random check and many others.

Capiz Shell Tiles & Seamless Panels

Capiz shell tiles are offered that are a single color or patterned. Single color tiles may be ordered in sheets and are sold by the square foot. Sheets overlap for a seamless installation.

Shell Mosaic & Capiz Shell Overpainted Murals

You may order a custom fine seashell mural in 10mm or 20mm seashell, uncut or handcut. We also offer seamless sheets of capiz that are overpainted and created to fit your space. You may choose any 300 dpi uncopyrighted image for reproduction.

View Installations

Our installations range from commercial to residential and include kitchen backsplashes, panels, saunas, mirror surrounds, entire walls, fireplace surrounds, tabletops, borders & inserts.


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