Why Choose an All-Tiled Pool?

A plaster pool has been the norm since the 1960’s. Plaster gives a watertight seal and gives you a smooth surface. Economical and lower in cost, a plaster finished pool will last from 15 to 25 years before re-plastering is needed. The cons to plaster surfaced pools is that this material is susceptible to staining and discoloring. Plaster is porous and less durable compared to other pool finish options and maintenance is higher.

The next option is a pebble surface. Lower in maintenance, a pebble finished pool has a longer lifespan than a plaster surfaced pool. Pebble surfaces are non-porous, resistant to algae growth and staining and do not absorb pool chemicals.

A high-end custom swimming pool today is typically surfaced I all-tile. Such a pool may be clad in glass or ceramic mosaic. Both materials may be artistically customized. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

Glass is the first choice and offers longevity, sparkling colors and a frost resistant material body. Glass mosaic tile gives a long-lasting finish vs. plaster and will not need resurfacing. Glass tile is the most durable and non-porous of all tile types. Mosaic size is small from 20mm – 3/4 inch to 50mm – 2 inch. You can combine colors, creating a visual art statement. Many glass tiles have an iridescent coating that reflects a rainbow of light. The shine and color of glass is more visually exciting due to optical reflection.
Ceramic porcelain is the second choice. Porcelain is also frost resistant and durable. Porcelain offers a more dramatic and opaque look as the glaze is a solid tone, and the tile is not transparent. Porcelain gives you an added design option by using hand painted designs or combining colors for an artistic look. The size used for cladding the entire pool are 1×1, 2×2 or 3×3 inch mosaic.
An all-tile pool is sleek, luxuriously elegant and sophisticated. Color choices are endless and design patterns are limited only by your imagination. The elegant look of an all-tile pool may be expensive upfront, but the upkeep and maintenance costs are a fraction of the cost entailed to maintain a traditionally lined swimming pool. With plaster, you have a membrane that will need to be replaced every few years. Pebble Finish pools demand good water chemistry to stay clean. An all-tile pool proves to be the most visually attractive, long-lasting and virtually maintenance free option.


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